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Patient Management Solutions
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Why Us

Premier Patient Management Solutions

24/7/365 Customizable Patient Access Solutions

ptSource is a patient access center that manages all communication between your practice and its patients, including scheduling appointments, new patient intake, referral management, no show management, after hours and overflow coverage, and prior authorization. We offer a full spectrum of fully customizable services, allowing practices to utilize our individual offerings or implement our full patient access service. We have over 20 years of expertise with patient access across various medical practices and a team of specialists trained in most EHR systems.

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HIPAA-Compliant, Medical Only Patient Access

Our HIPAA-compliant specialists are available 24/7/365. With our customizable service packages, you can utilize our specialists for all patient communication, or simply for covering nights, weekends and holidays. No matter what – your patients can call whenever is convenient to them.

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Guaranteed Service Levels

Our contract terms are based on guaranteed service level results, not minutes. Instead of paying us for minutes, our staff has more time to work on more efficient tasks like increasing utilization. ptSource provides all the employees, management, and technology to achieve these results.

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Staffing to Meet Your Needs

At ptSource, we offer great benefits to our employees, like work-from-home positions, part-time opportunities, and flexible schedules with excellent compensations. As a result, we have a waiting list of U.S based, vetted applicants each with medical backgrounds, cross-trained in many EHR systems.

Experts in Patient Access

ptSource specializes exclusively in patient access offering expertise in best practices and management. ptSource knows best practices on how to handle the many different scenarios to serve your patients better and faster.

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Investing to Provide the Best Service Possible

We invest in cutting edge technology, specialized training, and high-quality systems to increase your practice revenue and provide the best patient access. While standard call centers are motivated by minutes, our focus is providing an efficient, high quality experience for your patients.

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Diverse Specialty Partnerships

Specialties we partner with: Hospitals, Healthcare Systems, Primary Care, Women’s Health, Orthopedics, Oncology, Cardiology, Pediatrics, ENT and Allergy, Pain Management, Endocrinology, Urology and more.

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Specialists in Patient Access

When you need to give your practice an advantage, ptSource has you covered. We specialize in patient access, giving us unique benefits in best practices and management. Our team members are based in the United States with extensive medical backgrounds and experience working with EHR systems. We have invested significant time and money into patient access technologies, training, and quality programs to help you take care of your patients better than ever before.

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