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Patient Management Solutions
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Individualized Solutions

Services to Suit all Your Needs

Individualized Offerings

If you are looking to streamline your current practice’s communication systems, but don’t need our comprehensive patient access package, we offer individualized services to suit your needs. Your practice may utilize one or as many of these individual services as you need:


Switchboard Services

Incoming phone calls are usually the first point of contact a patient has with their provider’s practice. Our switchboard operators will ensure all of your patients’ calls get answered swiftly and warmly. Our team will efficiently triage the patient’s needs and assign the call accordingly. We help you build strong customer relationships by providing a seamless communication experience from start to finish. Our service is designed with your needs in mind and tailored to your goals.


  • Ensures your patients have access to your practice during normal office hours resulting in reduced call abandonment rates.
  • Patient access efficiency provides a seamless communication experience for your patients and staff. All messages are available immediately to practitioners via our online practice portal at no additional cost.
  • Medical staff can focus on their primary responsibilities knowing that their patients are receiving exemplary service and the patient communication system is highly efficient

After-Hours Coverage

ptSource’s HIPAA-compliant, medical only after-hours coverage offering allows practices to expand their practice’s patient access without increasing practice staff. When your office is closed and your staff is not available, you can rely on us. After Hours coverage includes nights, weekends, holidays, inclement weather, staff breaks, and lunch coverage. Our team is ready to help your practice grow efficiently by providing an after-hours support service that can handle message retrieval, provider outreach, managing on call schedules, document management, paging and patching services and escalation protocols.


  • Ensures your patients can access the on-call provider in an emergency
  • Manages on-call provider workflow by prioritizing calls in order of severity
  • Directly contacts provider in real-time via secure messaging at no additional cost on any device
  • All messages are available immediately to practitioners via our online practice portal at no additional cost.

No-Show Management

Life gets busy, for both providers and patients – our no-show management solution removes the risk of missed appointments. We’ve made it our mission to help you improve access to your practice through our proven no-show management processes. Our specialists use appointment history and patient information to target patients who are most at risk to miss appointments. We can then communicate via bidirectional appointment reminders delivered by phone, text and email and follow-up as needed for rescheduling, cancellations, and confirmations.


  • Keeps providers’ schedules full and streamlined throughout the day
  • Enhances patient and practice relationship through reliable and consistent communication
  • Proven track record of increasing practice revenue by reducing missing appointments

Appointment Scheduling

Operating as an extension of your team, ptSource will schedule, reschedule, confirm, and cancel appointments. When cancellations occur, our highly skilled specialists will work to increase utilization rates. Our patient access specialists can easily connect with patients, streamline your workflows, and make sure you’re getting the most out of every minute of your practice. We reserve this service for practices implementing centralized scheduling.


  • Boosts revenue by increasing appointment fill rates and utilization rates
  • Improves patient relationships by providing seamless communication between patients and your practice
  • Enhances staff workflows through streamlined appointment management

New Patient Intake

Our patient access specialists are the experts in your medical practice when onboarding new patients. They manage all intake tasks efficiently, pleasantly, and in accordance with your practice preferences. You can trust our patient access specialists to help you get new patients into your practice and keep them returning.


  • Patient access specialists work closely with practice to understand practice protocol for new patient intake
  • We work proactively to ensure all necessary documentation is received by first appointment
  • Streamlined patient intake increases new patient recruitment and retention rates

Prior Authorization

Our team supports prior authorization processing–including submission and tracking. We make it easy for you to keep an eye on your submissions and ensure they get approved as soon as possible so you can move forward with getting your patients the care they need.


  • Speedy prior authorization processes ensure an elevated patient experience
  • Efficient submission and tracking builds capacity for practice staff
  • Streamlined process improves patient retention and increases practice revenue

Referral Management

Referral management is a critical component of any healthcare business. It’s essential to have a system that can keep track of incoming referrals, understand corresponding documentation, and schedule contact with the appropriate person as needed.


  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Improves relationships with other providers
  • Automatically schedules referrals to increase patient and appointment recruitment and retention
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We Simplify Managing Your Practice’s Patient Access

Whether your practice needs one of our individualized services or our Full Patient Access solution, ptSource will transform how you provide front end care to your patients and increase your practice’s capacity, revenue, and schedule utilization.

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