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Patient Management Solutions
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ptSource Solutions for Orthopedics

Elevate Your Practice

Reliable 24/7 Orthopedic Call Center

A comprehensive patient access center, ptSource streamlines communication between your orthopedic practice and its patients. Our services encompass appointment scheduling, new patient intake, referral management, no-show handling, after-hours and overflow support, and prior authorization. We provide a flexible range of fully customizable solutions, enabling practices to tailor our offerings to their specific needs or opt for our complete patient access service.

With more than two decades of experience in patient access across diverse medical practices, our team comprises specialists well-versed in various EHR systems, ensuring seamless coordination and efficiency in your healthcare operations. We’re HIPAA compliant and offer after-hours medical answering services for your orthopedic practice. We strive to make patient care easier for medical professionals and their patients.


Efficient patient communication is crucial to the success of your medical practice.

Patient Message Management Contractually Committed to Excellence

At ptSource, our commitment to excellence extends to our contract terms, founded on delivering guaranteed service-level results in mere minutes. Our staff can now focus on important tasks that enhance your practice’s efficiency and optimize resource utilization. This new method enables us to prioritize essential activities and make the most efficient use of resources.

When you partner with ptSource, you receive a comprehensive solution, including a team of skilled staff, experienced leaders, and advanced technology. All of these components work together to ensure success.

We recognize that minutes spent are less critical than the quality and effectiveness of our services, and our approach reflects this philosophy. Our solution is designed to not only meet your expectations but exceed them, ensuring that you receive superior patient access services backed by a contractual commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.

24/7, After Hours Patient Answering Service

Our new patient call center makes scheduling appointments easy for your patients. 24 hours, seven days a week; we ensure patients can communicate with a real-time staff member representing your healthcare organization. Our orthopedic patient appointment management team streamlines your practice’s communication process, easing your burden and keeping your patients calm.

In addition to our round-the-clock patient call center services, we go the extra mile to prioritize patient satisfaction. Our highly trained staff members are not only efficient in appointment scheduling but also deeply empathetic to the needs of your patients. We understand that scheduling medical appointments can be a stressful experience, and our team’s approach is not just about managing appointments but also providing a reassuring and caring presence.

With ptSource, you can rest assured that your patients are in capable hands, receiving the support they need while also experiencing a seamless and compassionate journey through your orthopedic practice. It’s all part of our commitment to delivering a superior patient experience.

Highly Reviewed Patient Answering Service

Discover the impact of our proven solutions, which have been transforming orthopedic practices for years, and envision how we can make a positive difference in your practice today. Our solutions have helped practices like yours improve operations, efficiency, and productivity, save costs, and gain other benefits. Read reviews from some of our satisfied clients below:

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