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Patient Appointment Management Company

Improving Patient Access

Patient Appointment Scheduling at ptSource

It’s no secret that the medical industry is changing. Patients are demanding better access to their doctors and more control over their appointments, which means practices must be able to provide care quickly. How can your medical practice offer patients what they want while keeping up with day-to-day operations?

The answer is simple: invest in the ptSource remote scheduling solution that can give your patients access any time from various devices. It’ll let them make appointments at whatever time works best for them, so they don’t have to rush or rearrange their schedule just to see you. The result is an increase in patient availability and a decrease in cancellations or reschedules. When patients have the ability to schedule appointments according to their needs, you’ll also see an improvement in overall patient experience and communication!

Flexible Support Levels Accommodate Your Practice

If you’re having trouble filling appointments, it could be because you don’t have the right amount of staff at your practice. Staffing your practice is crucial to running successfully and growing efficiently. By constantly falling short on staffing, your practice could miss out on potential revenue by failing to meet patients’ needs and community demands.

That’s why ptSource offers flexible support levels that will always meet the needs of your practice. Our team comprises patient engagement professionals who understand how to treat patients and handle the administrative side of running a medical practice, from message management to appointment rescheduling.

Patient Engagement Solutions

Message Management

ptSource offers a patient engagement solution that makes it easy to communicate with patients wherever they are—through text messaging, email, and more.

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Staffing Calculator

It’s hard to run a medical office when your customers can’t get in touch with you. Our staffing calculator shows you the staff you need to achieve the best service levels.

Staffing Calculator


ptSource provides comprehensive solutions that help your medical practice run more efficiently and grow rapidly.

The Ultimate Patient Scheduling Solution

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