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What is a patient access center?

Today’s patients expect a lot from their medical providers. As insurance premiums and copays climb, it’s more important than ever that patients have their needs and expectations met – in addition to feeling seen, heard, and known by their trusted provider.

Patient access centers elevate your patient care.

Patient access centers focus solely on improving the patient experience. Patient access specialists manage all communication with practice patients when they are not in the facility. Utilizing a patient access center as an extension of your operational team profoundly improves the experience of your patients. It also builds capacity for your providers, leads to better patient retention, increases prospective patient conversion, and builds a stronger reputation for your practice.

ptSource optimizes the experience of your patients.

ptSource is committed to providing your medical patients with streamlined, personalized, efficient access to your practice. We operate as part of your team and ensure that your patients receive the best care possible when communicating with your practice remotely.

ptSource is excellent at patient access because:

1. We’re always there.

ptSource patient access specialists are available to assist your patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your patients will have access to your practice whenever it’s convenient for them – not just during typical business hours.

2. We tailor communication to your patients.

ptSource allows your patients to communicate with your practice in whatever way works for them. We accept calls, texts, or emails – and we respond to their inquiries utilizing the same method.

3. We have medical backgrounds.

ptSource works solely in the medical field and only employs patient access specialists with medical experience. Our specialists are able to triage your patient’s needs and set them up with an intake plan that establishes exactly what kind of provider and appointment they need – and can tell your patients what to expect.

4. We work for you.

ptSource patient access specialists work closely with your team so that we know details about the preferences of your practice and your providers. We are dedicated to understanding the nuances of your team and making any decisions about your patient’s intake plan around that knowledge.

If you’d like to learn more about how ptSource can work for your practice, contact us today.

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