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Top three challenges facing medical providers in 2023

As the world recovers from the colossal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders of medical practices are faced with a complex array of issues. Some will require a reactive solution, but most will demand the foresight to stay ahead of the curve.

1. Keeping staff happy amidst post-COVID burnout

COVID-19 turned workplace environment expectations on its head. The paradigm has shifted to flexible, remote work, which has transformed the job market. The requirement to find employment close to home has become a distant memory of how life used to be. This means increased pressure on medical practice leadership to ensure their employees are feeling happy and fulfilled at work, particularly when medical staff are feeling drained from the pandemic.

More than ever before, medical practices need to make employee satisfaction a top priority. Streamlined, efficient workflows, keeping patient interactions pleasant, and transparency and communication amongst co-workers is a recipe for success. ptSource’s patient access centers can help – find out how.

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2. Remaining independent is becoming increasingly challenging

The healthcare environment is changing rapidly. Independent practices are consolidating, reimbursements are diminishing, and regulatory oversight is increasing. Costs are rising and patients are increasingly turning to larger operations to get their medical care.

Independent practices can gain a competitive edge by partnering with a patient access center. Working with ptSource allows providers to deliver the quality, personalized patient care of an independent practice while providing the efficiency of a large scale operation.

3. Managing physician-patient relationships

Our current climate has damaged much of the public perception of physicians. Amidst a tidal wave of anti-science and anti-vaccine rhetoric, the fractured relationship between a patient and their doctor has never been more apparent, nor more crucial to repair. Many patients are having a harder time trusting their providers than ever before.

Expanded patient accessibility, efficient patient-to-practice communication, and personalized, high quality patient care will reinforce your patients’ faith in their physician and your practice. Partnering with ptSource will ensure your patients have round-the-clock access to your practice, convenient communication options, and a top-notch patient experience.

The coming year will have a unique set of challenges, but keeping a keen eye on what’s coming will insulate your practice from feeling the burn. Contact us today and we will help you work towards a better future.

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