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How we improve practice-to-patient communication

In our constant talks with medical practice providers, we hear them talk about one particular challenge the most: practice-to-patient communication. Staffing shortages and evolving patient expectations have created an operational challenge that even the most well-equipped practices can’t avoid. ptSource not only offers a solution to your patient-to-practice communication needs, but we’re able to offer services and benefits that would be impractical for a medical practice to invest in providing.

Our primary focus is optimizing operational communication for medical practices. We are solely dedicated to investing in constantly improving our comprehensive operations service – we do it perfectly so you don’t have to do it at all.

The ptSource advantage:

  • Cutting-edge technology We are always researching and developing innovative ways to improve patient access. When you partner with ptSource, you can be confident that your patient access processes will consistently utilize the most cutting-edge technology available – without your time or investment.

  • Streamlined communication ptSource patient access specialists are available to assist your patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via phone, email, and text. Your patients will have access to your practice whenever – and however – is most convenient for them.

  • Medical backgrounds ptSource works solely in the medical field and only employs patient access specialists with medical experience. Our specialists are able to triage your patient’s needs and set them up with an intake plan that establishes exactly what kind of provider and appointment they need – and can tell your patients what to expect.

  • Comprehensive processes A process-focused approach means we focus on the patient, which leads to more referrals and a better patient experience. When you offer personalized, high-quality patient care, it reinforces your patients’ faith in their physician and your practice.

Our patient access service is proven to reduce abandoned calls and missed appointments, and increase practice revenue, patient satisfaction and staff morale. We make all remote communication with your patients an easy, optimized process because it’s our sole purpose.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your medical practice’s communication.

Transforming Medical Practices Patient Management

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